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Prevention and screenings are important for your pet. We recommend twice yearly checkups for all pets and especially for pets in the middle and older years (6 and older). A pet's aging process is so fast that six months is really like several years for a person. These exams are important screenings for health problems. During checkups the doctors often find health issues like dental problems, ear infections, and occasionally more serious problems that would have gone undetected without the checkup. It's so much better for your pet if we can deal with health concerns sooner rather than later.

We also recommend twice yearly exams because it gives us an easy way to split up vaccinations that your pet needs so that we're not giving all the vaccines at once. This is better for your pet because it reduces the potential for vaccine reactions, especially in small pets.

And lastly, a lot of our clients like twice yearly wellness appointments because it helps to make wellness care easier on the budget, by dividing up your pet's recommended care.

Every screening exam is a great opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you have about your pet’s health with one of our veterinarians. We will review topics such as weight, nutrition, allergies, dental care, as well as any lifestyle and age related changes that may impact your pet’s health.

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