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Does your pet suffer from behavioral issues? We can help!

The most common behavior problems we help people and their pets with are:

  • Anxiety (separation, thunderstorm, and generalized)
  • Aggression (food, toy or object-related, pet-to-pet, people-oriented)
  • Inappropriate urination (cats not using the litter box, marking, dogs marking or having accidents)
  • Nuisance Behaviors: This includes excess barking, jumping on other people or animals, digging, nipping people or animals, chewing on furniture, clothes, shoes, etc.

If your pet suffers from any of these symptoms or other symptoms not listed, please call us to schedule a visit for your pet with one of our veterinarians!

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  • "My Iguana was very comfortable at Ark Veterinary Hospital and instantly wanted to lick and climb on Dr. Manges. Very happy to have found a vet to take her to! She knew she was in good hands."
    Abi Woodman
  • "I have been a local professional pet sitter for the past 10 years and my clients who use ARK Veterinary Hospital all rave about how wonderful they are. Highly recommend them!"
    MJ Miles